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A passion for artisan, single origin chocolate.
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Promoting passionate, creative and dedicated craft chocolate makers.

The Chocolate Collective

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Calgary, Alberta,


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(Store) 587-351-6115
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Free with every order of $50 or more. $7 value (CDN)
Free with every order of $50 or more. $7 value (CDN)

33 Bars of Chocolate is a chocolate journal that provides an easy way to record chocolate tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook.Taking notes with 33 Chocolates is as simple as checking a few boxes an...

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Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Makers
Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Makers

It’s an exciting time in the world of bean-to-bar chocolate, for both makers that are continuously working to make their product better and for a receptive market of consumers who are willing to spend more ...

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What Customers Are Saying

Hamed Ali


Excellent chocolate sourced from all over the world. Golden bean award winning chocolates. Excellent service.

Christina Chadwick


Best chocolate I’ve ever had!

Laurie Cusveller


We just got a divine chocolate gift basket of dark chocolate- it was simply outstanding- have never tasted such fresh, decadent dark chocolate. Would highly recommend and will be my go to for future purchases!!! Simply Divine!!!

Regina Reshetnik


Coppeneur carries high quality chocolates from different continents of the world for any occasions to enjoy .Excellent choice of Deliciously crafted chocolates that can be paired with gourmet wines. Inga, the lady at the store, is super friendly and knowledgeable about the chocolates she sells and will be glad to assist you. I will always be back and highly recommend this store.