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Zotter Peru Chuncho 72% Dark Chocolate (Organic)

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Weight: 2x 35g bars

Cocoa Bean Origin: Peru

Notes: Chuncho, the rare cocoa bean from Peru: Chuncho is a bean with a history reaching back centuries. This ancient and rare cocoa bean variety is still cultivated today, at an unusual altitude of between 400 and 1.400 metres. Zotter have turned this rare fine flavour cocoa into an elegant, multi-layered single origin chocolate.
Fragrance notes: fruity and floral, tropical fruit mix, caramelized nuts, salty pretzels.

Taste notes: sweet and mild, lightly salted crackers, nutty notes, cream, exotic fruit (echoes of mango, banana and watermelon), nutty cracker finish.

Conching Time: 21 hrs.

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

(may contain traces of all types of nuts, milk, peanuts, sesame, soy)