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Fresco Polochic Guatemala 100% Dark Chocolate (Organic) (234)

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Weight: 50 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Polochic Valley Guatemala

Notes: the cacao farmers from central Guatemala's Polochic Valley have grown cacao for many years.  In 2016 their crop was exported outside of Guatemala for the first time.  With subtle flavor notes of deep red fruit and caramel, this is some of the finest cacao we have experienced. 

This 100% Light Roast bar is both complex and simple. It is literally light roasted cocoa nibs that are ground, refined and conched. No other ingredients are used. This bar is like nothing we have experienced with 100% chocolate. Following an intense chocolaty start, you may experience subtle flavor notes of lemon zest as this chocolate melts on your pallet. The subtle flavor notes of the Polochic Valley cacao combined with the intensity of pure cocoa nibs create a chocolate that is both intense and approachable.

We use a long conche cycle to mellow the pure chocolate intensity, resulting in a surprisingly subtle 100% chocolate.  

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans

(nut free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free)