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Fossa 48% Milk Chocolate with Satay Sauce

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Weight: 50 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

Notes: addictive peanut praline in a background of aromatic spices.

The travelling satay hawker who prepared skewered meat with a portable charcoal grill was a familiar sight in olden days Singapore. These barbecued skewers are the perfect comfort food and are never served without a dipping sauce made from ground peanuts and aromatic spices.

Enjoy this traditional snack in a chocolate bar made with cocoa beans sourced from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania and ingredients sourced regionally.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, anise, fennel seeds, peppercorns, sea salt

✓ Soy-free
✓ Wheat-free
✓ Gluten free