Qantu Don Maximo's Quest 80% Dark Chocolate

Qantu Don Maximo's Quest 80% Dark Chocolate

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Weight: 50 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Kimbiri, Cusco, Peru

Notes: the cocoa for this chocolate comes from a single plantation: Bellavista, which belongs to our friend Don Máximo. A true cocoa aficionado and collector of varieties with unique peculiarities, Máximo ferments and dries the cocoa beans himself, experimenting with different methods. We admire Máximo's commitment to growing cocoa and preserving pure and rare varieties.

Tasting notes: almond, cedar, woody, blackcurrants and a slight astringency reminiscent of pecan. 

Persistence: 10 to 15 minutes of happiness after each bite.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

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