Soma Mango Lassi Bar
Soma Mango Lassi Bar

Soma Mango Lassi Bar

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Weight: 33 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Blend

Notes: every bustling town in India has at least one mango lassi maker. Each morning the ritual of turning milk into thick lassi begins 2 different types, sweet or salty each maker defined by the local milk, their own signature taste, amount of sour and viscosity. The best makers save the top layer of cream from the process, spooning it over each individual glass of mango lassi a la minute for an extra creamy mouthfeel.

Our version is on the right side of sour, the fermented yogurt with just the right tang to balance the sweetness of the mangos. Just add body heat and this bar will turn into a bright, rich, creamy treat that will wake your mouth up fully.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, mangos, yogurt

(may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts)