Pump Street 70% Dark Chocolate "Panettone"

Pump Street 70% Dark Chocolate "Panettone"

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Pump Street

Weight: 70 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: St Vincent Cocoa Co-operative, St Vincent

Notes: we've spent years perfecting our traditional Panettone in the bakery.  It is rich, perfumed, full of candied fruit and topped with almonds and sugar crystals as is this seasonal chocolate bar, made with Grenada cocoa beans.

Handmade from bean to bar in Suffolk, UK

Ingredients - cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, flour (wheat), butter, egg yolk, malt extract, honey, salt, panettone natural essence, vanilla paste, Armagnac, candied orange peel, almonds, sugar crystals.

(may contain dairy)