French Broad 72% Dark Chocolate with Scorpion pepper

French Broad 72% Dark Chocolate with Scorpion pepper

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French Broad

Weight: 60 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Blend

Notes: "peppers and chocolate make a good pair,” says grower and pepper enthusiast, Bobby of Jah Works Farm in Asheville. Both possess euphoric qualities, boost energy, and lend themselves to tasting with discernment: relishing the layers of flavours that reveal themselves slowly, and differ slightly on everyone’s tongue. Scorpion peppers are among the most piquant in the world, with more than 1.2 million Scoville heat units. Aside from the heat, The Scorpion offers a tender fruit flavour, which makes it the perfect pepper to pair with a fruit-forward cacao blend.

This chocolate isn’t a badge-of-honor experience meant to burn you from the inside out; our use of The Scorpion is judicious. We taste the fruit notes of both the pepper and the cacao.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, dried Trinidad scorpion peppers.

(may contain traces of milk, peanuts, eggs, corn, tree nuts, wheat and soy)