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Askinosie ZEKE 68% Dark Chocolate

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Weight: 85 grams

Cocoa Bean Origin: Zamora, Amazonia

Notes: we partnered with Zeke Emanuel, chocolate aficionado and healthcare policy expert, to create this dynamic limited edition Criollo bar.

We are honoured to have sourced the ancient and rare Criollo cocoa beans used to make this chocolate bar from farmer partners in Zamora, Amazonia. Criollo beans are considered to be the most premium varietal of cocoa in the world and this bar highlights their quality and flavour. We expertly roast these rare beans to perfection before completing another seventy steps to bring it to classic-chocolatey-completion.

Tasting Notes: hazelnut, jackfruit, brown sugar, toffee

Ingredients: cocoa beans (Criollo), organic cane sugar, organic sucanat cane sugar, cocoa butter (Made in our factory with Zamora cocoa beans).

(processed in a facility that processes milk, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat)