Gardini Chocolatier


During these years, the company has considerably grown and our artisanal products are now present in many specialized shops, not only in Italy, but also in Europe and United States. Our passion is always the same and it has increased along with the passing of the time. We studied chocolate, we tasted and moulded it, creating unique forms and incomparable flavours.

Still now, we play an active part in the production, helped by our skilful collaborators, but what we love most is to experience, research, amaze with original combinations and offer profound new emotions.

Our map is the experience, our compass is the quality, which we pursue by carefully selecting the best provenance of cocoa, employing exclusively Italian dried fruit and choosing excellent regional wine and food products.

Only in this way, we can offer artisanal chocolate, with a unique hearth, essence and incomparable personality.

This is the magic and wonderful world of GARDINI CHOCOLATE.

Gardini Chocolatier 42% Milk Chocolate with ginger
Gardini Chocolatier 42% Milk Chocolate with ginger - Chocolate Collective Canada


Gardini Chocolatier 42% Milk Chocolate with ginger


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